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What's New - 2022


There are no updates after the above date due to a family emergency, for more "What's New" please see the 2023 section (Coming Soon)


I'm spending my Saturday working in my Southampton City Centre storage area. I'll be organising all the stock that I want to put into the clearance joblot I mentioned below. Now that's dedication!! It's a long job but I need to clear some bulk so I have room for new and more valuable stock when I buy it. The unwanted stock will all be boxed up and sold to one of my contacts who buys large clearance lots.


We bought this collection of comics and action figures from a lovely Southampton Comics regular. So I stepped out of my comfort zone and listed the action figures on eBay. The box of comics contained Green Lantern and Legion of Super-Heroes, some have been listed on eBay and some will go in to the large job lot I'm currently working on and will be sold off as clearance.


Been working on listing this box of facsimiles and Marvel 'True Believers' comics. This is an ongoing project, but we have currently reached 3300 items on eBay!


We set up a little stall in Woolston Library today to sell some clearance! Just look at those incredible prices! We had a fun day and it was lovely to meet some of the locals!


I've been working all day on this little box of comics that is going into the new

Monster Collectables shop In Woolston In Southampton, I'm also putting in a spinner stand of popular culture keyrings (mainly concentrating on Pokémon and anime).The guys at

Monster Collectables have been super accommodating and I cant wait to work with them.


I'm currently working though this collection (approx.1500 items) which I purchased from a good friend of Southampton Comics'. It is mainly comprised of DC comics and there are certainly some hidden gems in here. The Collection included 2 copies of the iconic McFarlane covered Batman #423 (which have already sold of course).


You too can sell your collection to Southampton Comics Online.

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