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About Southampton Comics Online


Myself and some acquaintances began business in 2015 in the Loft Ladder Community Shop in The Marlands Shopping Centre, Southampton. After a difficult 2020 (for obvious reasons) and various troubles with subletting, I decided to move my portion of the business online.


My goal has always been for customers to leave happy after finding exactly what they want, while feeling they got a real bargain! I continue to keep this mindset with my online business. Now I want customers to get exactly what they want, delivered directly to their door, in excellent packaging and earlier than expected.


Over the last 7 years I have accumulated a HUGE inventory of back issues which I tirelessly list on eBay. I also make the effort to attend as many conventions, shows, fairs and fetes as possible.


Thanks so much for visiting, I really hope we can do business.

Keep collecting


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